Wagon inspection and repair

The general inspection/overhaul and repair work requires a heavy infrastructure that is adapted to railroad technologies, and is carried out in a 2000 m2 workshop, which comprises, in particular, a 12 track rail set as well as numerous overhead cranes and lifting columns. Moreover, this workshop also has specific equipment for the control of bearing, brake, and suspension gear, while bogies can be processed in series thanks to specially designed tooling.

ATELIERS DE JOIGNY also carries out repair and maintenance work on the tanks fitted on wagons appropriate for the transport of hazardous goods. This service comprises the performance of hydraulic tests, leakproofness tests, and interior and exterior inspections.

In addition to tank work, the company also performs inspections/overhauls and repairs on peripheral equipment, such as:

  • Foot valves
  • Lateral valves
  • Gates
  • Interior coatings
  • Thermal Insulation
  • Heaters, etc.